Get valuable information about why you should use your daily route as a training route.


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More than half of all employees in Germany work every day sitting in front of a computer. In addition, especially for commuters, the working day is usually long and they even sit in the car or train when they travel to their workplace. Many people often lack time and energy for athletic balance. According to a TK study, around 50 percent of Germans prefer to spend the evening on the couch rather than motivate themselves for a training session. Back pain and tension have thus become a widespread disease. So why not combine the pleasant with the useful and use the daily commute to work. Anyone who commutes by bike gets exercise every day - without any additional expenditure of time. Already 30 minutes daily on the bike have a proven positive effect on health. And with electrical support not only an optimal cardiovascular training is made of it, at the same time the change around the wheel is facilitated.


Daily cycling can also prevent back pain, which is often caused by the workplace. Cycling trains the larger and smaller muscle groups on the back and around the spine. This strengthens the vertebral bodies and relieves the intervertebral disc. The important thing is: back-friendly cycling! The best way to do this is to get advice from an expert on the right bike model and adjust the bike optimally to your own body size. Above all, heavy backpacks should not be carried on the daily way to work. If you have a lot of luggage or want to drive past the supermarket on your way to work, you are well equipped with solid saddlebags.

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If you ride your bike regularly, you should not only consider the appearance when choosing the model, but also the requirements of the most common rides to choose the right bike model. In addition, a specialist should give advice so that the ergonomics of the bicycle also fit and pain in the back, knees or other places prevent regular commuting. The customer is measured professionally by a competent specialist dealer. Especially with eBike pedalers, for example, the seat bone distance should be determined, as it has been proven that they sit longer on the saddle and more upright, so that the contact points are loaded longer. A suitable saddle shape and width prevent unpleasant pain in this area, so that commuting continues to be fun the next day.

Once the right bike and components have been found, it can be fitted with a Pendix eDrive and converted into an eBike.

Pendix retrofit drive - for every bicycle model


The electrical support ensures that the cycle path is not sweat-inducing - even on mountainous routes. This is not only pleasant because in many places of work there is no opportunity to freshen up after a strenuous journey, but it is also good for your health. The susceptibility to colds caused by heating up and cooling down decreases, because especially in the colder months, when you are on the road warmly packed with your bike, the cold-warm changes are particularly extreme.


Anyone who thinks that electronic support is depriving cycling of its training effect is wrong. This was demonstrated, among other things, by a comparative study conducted in 2016. With eBiking the pulse remains in the optimal range even on longer distances and on many gradients. This gently activates the cardiovascular system, strengthens the heart muscle and improves the overall physical constitution. The greater performance through daily exercise with the bike has been proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In cyclists, the statistical risk of a heart attack or vascular disease decreases significantly. Cycling is therefore recommended by doctors as an ideal cardiovascular workout. On the electric bicycle also humans with little condition or Reha patients find an entrance into a continuous perseverance training. This is because the supporting drive ensures that individual load limits do not have to be exceeded, even over longer distances or in mountainous terrain, in order to reach the destination quickly.

Less stress also protects your health. Find out more in our article "Commuting without stress" how you can get to your destination more stress-free.

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In many sports, joints are compressed by violent behaviour, jumping or hard surfaces, such as jogging on asphalt. The joints are also heavily stressed by fast and extreme movements, such as in ball sports. Here even a large injury risk of joints, tendons and ligaments comes in addition. Cycling, on the other hand, is a particularly joint-gentle sport. The kicking takes place in a firm path without the knees being able to twist and there are no exhausting rebounds. In addition, one's own weight is relativized and does not rest on the joints during movements. When cycling with an electric tailwind, the training is particularly gentle, because you don't even have to ride standing up for starting or on steep inclines. The supporting motor protects against overloads. The eBike is the best alternative, especially after knee injuries or chronic joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, because the joints can be ideally protected against overexertion and pain. Especially in rehabilitation phases or with chronic illnesses, however, it is still advisable to always consult the treating physician!

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As an endurance sport, cycling is a perfect training against annoying pounds. Here, too, distances of 30 minutes a day are enough to get the metabolism going, stimulate fat burning and build muscles. You don't even have to pedal like crazy. Quiet driving is enough for the noticeable effect. Particularly with an electric tailwind, the cyclist stays in the optimum pulse range and thus has an exceptionally high and constant calorie burn. The electric bike is also a good way to get started for people who have not done regular sports for a long time or who may even suffer from severe obesity. eBiking is easy on the joints and is a success right from the start. Even if there is still a lack of endurance, you are on the move with the engine and don't feel lost. The electrical support can then be gradually reduced.