Retrofit your bike with Pendix eDrive for more cycling fun!

Pendix eDrive300

Pendix eDrive300 bestehend aus getriebelosem Mittelmotor und 300 Wh Akku

With the Pendix eDrive300, you can already enjoy the ultimate riding pleasure for distances from 37* km to 72* km. 
On your way to the office, in the city or on tours in the countryside, the 250 watt motor supports you absolutely silently.

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Pendix eDrive500

Pendix eDrive500 bestehend aus getriebelosem Mittelmotor und 500 Wh Akku

With the Pendix eDrive500, you can enjoy distances of 62* km up to 120* km thanks to the higher battery capacity. 
On your way to the office, in the city or on tours in the countryside, the 250 watt motor supports you absolutely silently.

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The new motor generation - eDrive

The new eDrive is an improved motor powerhouse of the new generation. With 65 Nm torque the new motor is stronger but also smarter. In order to achieve these innovations, the mechanics and firmware in the motor have been significantly enhanced. The Pendix engineers have succeeded in increasing the proportion of active material in the electric machine by sophisticated adaptation of the stator design, thus increasing the maximum torque. The PRO app completes the smart Pendix system.

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getriebelose Mittelmotor und Kurbel

Lithium Ionen Akkus 300 Wh und 500 Wh

Double ePower for maximum flexibility

For the ideal assistance, you have the choice between two battery variants in combination with the Pendix eDrive. Choose the ideal size for your routes, the smaller ePower300 for the way to work and shorter distances or the large ePower500 for a bike trip. A later additional purchase is also possible without problems.

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Find out more about the retrofittable bicycle types

Whether city bike, trekking bike, mountain bike or cargo bike - the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost any frame model and transforms your favorite bike into a powerful eBike in a short time.

For you. At your Pendix dealer.

You can buy the Pendix eDrive from one of the numerous Pendix dealers, have it installed and upgrade your favourite bike in no time at all, or equip your new dream bike with additional power.

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Top 5 FAQs

Where can I buy the Pendix eDrive?

The Pendix eDrive is available from selected authorized resellers. In our dealer search you can also find a dealer near you.

How is the Pendix eDrive installation organised and is it possible for me to install it myself?

We recommend that you have the Pendix eDrive installed by an authorized dealer. The dealer will also check the condition of your bike and its compatibility with the drive system. This guarantees you good consulting and a safe journey.

How can I buy the Pendix eDrive if there is no dealer near me?

Contact the retailer you trust regarding the Pendix eDrive. Your dealer can also order the Pendix eDrive from Pendix or the official Pendix subsidiary in your country and install it in your bike.

What additional costs should I expect after purchasing Pendix eDrive?

To avoid endangering yourself and other road users, you should only mount the Pendix eDrive on a roadworthy and technically flawless bicycle. It may be necessary to replace wearing parts (brake pads, chain, etc.), replace defect components or install additional components (e.g. lighting). Contact an authorized Pendix dealer near you for more information. Depending on the compatibility of the components already present on the bike, it may be necessary to purchase new chainrings for the Pendix crank (4x104mm, 4x64mm), an additional clamp holder for attaching the battery holder or a new rear wheel stand for the attachment itself. Thanks to low energy consumption and wear, running costs are very low. A regular inspection is recommended as with your conventional bicycle.

Where can I test the Pendix eDrive?

Use the Pendix Dealer Locator to select a dealer near you and request a test drive. In the dealer search, pay attention to the note "Test wheel available".