eDrive complete bikes ex works.

Selected bicycle manufacturers mount the Pendix eDrive on their models ex works.


  • Travel bikes & Urban bikes & Tandems
  • High-quality, durable bicycles
  • Many configuration options
  • Made in Netherlands
  • Trekking bikes
  • Bicycles with personality
  • Adaptation to the customer through professional advice and surveying
  • Mountain bikes & touring bikes
  • Unagitated, valuable and efficient
  • Attractive prices and financing possible
  • Cargo bikes
  • Handmade, light and manoeuvrable cargo bikes
  • Made in Germany
  • Cargo bikes
  • Robust for daily use in wind and weather
  • Handmade in Netherlands
  • (Mini) cargo bikes
  • Foldable with Swing System (steering principle with tilting wheels)
  • Many configuration options
  • Made in France
  • Racing bikes
  • French bicycle manufacturer since 1986
  • Wide range of bicycle components
Airnimal Logo
  • Folding bikes
  • Tailored to the needs of cyclists
  • Trekking bikes
  • All bikes can be equipped with the Pendix eDrive as an option
BBF Logo
  • Complete supplier for bicycles
  • All bikes can be equipped with the Pendix eDrive as an option
  • Mountain bikes , Racing bikes & Trekking bikes
  • Sporty Bikes
  • Made in Austria
  • Pendix eDrive is optionally available for different models
  • (Mini) cargo bikes
  • Compact and fast load wheel
  • Perfect replacement for the car in the city
  • Super light and manoeuvrable
  • Complete supplier for different types of bicycles
  • High-quality bicycles and wheels with individual equipment
  • Production of unique specimens
  • Travel & City bikes
  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Cargo bikes
  • Produced for various bicycle brands including models with Pendix eDrive
  • Cargo bikes
  • Germany's lightest divisible cargo bikes with the Pendix eDrive
  • Trekking bikes
  • High-quality, shapely bicycles according to individual wishes
  • City bikes
  • Light and shapely city bikes in retro look
  • For the style-conscious French woman

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